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Our terms and conditions are simple. But they are there to help you understand what is included and for peace of mind.


We guarantee our cleans. If you are unsatisfied with any aspect of your clean (which was included in your package or quote) please contact us the same day so we can arrange it to be of satisfaction. Please note: If we are not contacted the same day or the items are not included in the clean list/quote/package, we reserve the right not to return.

To get that "Fresh home feeling" we also recommend that you have a spring clean prior to fortnightly cleaning options. This allows your home to be brought up to standard prior to cleaning each fortnight. This is optional.

If you do not wish to get a cleaning package, we require a booking of a minimum of 2 hours. If you can not be present to show the cleaner what you require, we recommend you write a list. Our cleaner will work to that list in order and cease when your booked hours are complete, unless advised to complete all items on the list.

*Please note: If you cannot be home at the time of the clean and wish to pay earlier, we can arrange card payments 1-2 business days prior to clean, or on the day via phone. We can also accept direct deposit at any point up to 3 days after the clean is complete.

*In case of non payment or similar, please see below for debt collection information.


First things first - what do we guarantee? We guarantee on completion of full bond clean - that our cleaning job will be to a satisfactory standard your agent or land lord. But what if there are issues? If we complete a full bond clean on your property we will return free of charge to rectify any cleaning issues.

Is there anything that is not included? We guarantee our work. So long as you have not added extra work after we have left, then you have complete peace of mind with your move. However, if you ask for an internal bond clean, and your agent asks for a back patio to be pressure cleaned, you will need arrange this separately and will not be included in our guarantee. If you ask us to do this included in your bond clean, then we do guarantee all our work, this included. We will not clean any areas we have not been requested to clean.

Is there anything you do not clean as standard in bond cleans? Yes, curtains, carpets, pests, furniture, white goods, anything that requires a ladder or scaffolding (step-ladder is OK) and externals. However just ask us at the time of booking and we can help with most things - to make your move as smooth as possible.

Sometimes people ask us just to do certain rooms. We can also arrange this with our guarantee if there is no one residing in the home and there is no furniture in those rooms (or to be moved in/out of those rooms). In this instance we only guarantee our work and the rooms which are within our requirements in these terms and conditions. If you have asked for us to do a full bond clean, but upon our arrival have requested us not to do certain areas, your invoice will specify the rooms you asked us not to attend to or parts of the clean you asked us to leave and they will not fall under our guarantee.

Can we have a bond clean done at my house while my furniture/items/white goods/toys or belongings are still in the home? We can complete bond cleans with furniture in the home, just as if it were a furnished property. However, if your intent is to have us do the bond clean and to remove property later we cannot guarantee the bond clean and our cleaners will not move the furniture during their clean. This is because items being removed from the property after the clean increase risk of mess being created after our cleaners have left. Please note: If you intended to have the furniture out but were unable to finish this before the cleaners arrive. Your quote may run overtime and if you are still removing furniture after they have left, you will be required to either pay for the extra cleaning required or forfeit the guarantee. Please also note that our cleaners safety is very important to us. So any furniture moving or removal is the sole responsibility of the person requiring our cleaning. If you chose not to attend and do not move furniture, we will not be liable for any areas that you have not moved the furniture in while the cleaner was present.

I got a quote form you on my bond clean - how accurate is that? Generally we are pretty close. We base these prices on similar properties. However the quote price can vary from invoice price. This is due to wall type, ceiling height, extra work which may not be present at similar properties but is present at yours and incurs extra costs. We will call you within 2 hours of quoted time end-time if we suspect we will go overtime. We will also only ever request payment for the hours done, if your home takes less then the quoted time - HOORAY!! We will invoice you only for the correct costs.

What if I ask you to stop at a certain time? If you are on a budget or ask us to stop at any time. We will have our cleaners stop. We will not charge you over the time they attend. But please note that our guarantee may not be possible in these instances.

When is my payment due? To book your bond clean, we require a min. $100 upfront non-refundable booking fee (Cash/ Direct Deposit/ Credit/Debit Card). This fee is deducted from the total cleaning price on completion. Full payment is due on completion by cash in person or debit/credit card only. We may agree to deirect deposit with 3 day payment terms at our discression. We will only make our guarantee returns if payment is made. We guarantee our work to make moving easy, but this is based on you (our wonderful customer) making payment on time. Unfortunately if payment is not made within on the due date our guarantee is void, and we reserve the right not to return again at all.

Can I have children in the home while you clean so I can watch you? It is highly recommended that you and your children/friends/pets not be in or at the home for many reasons. Firstly our cleaners use chemicals which we do not recommend for inhalation and as such suggest that all people, children and pets not be present. Our cleaners are also in and out of different rooms during the clean and may leave doors or gates open, this presents a risk to the safety are whereabouts of the children and pets. Finally, we cannot assure the safety of yourself, your children and pets. So request that you not be present during the clean.

If you must be present with your children or pets, please be aware that areas may take longer to clean and in some instanced may not be able to be cleaned properly at all depending on interference of the clean. While we will still have a partial guarantee in place, our cleaners will note areas where cleaning may require additional time, that will not be included in the guarantee.

We politely request that all pets be removed from the property during a bond clean for the safety of our cleaners and your pet.

What if I want to cancel my bond clean. Please cancel with at least 2 hours notice. If you do not cancel with sufficient notice (2 hours) you forfeit the $100 deposit paid to book the time. You can not use that towards a future clean.

How long do I have to have my real-estate through? For bond cleans we allow 7 days only. If we are not contacted within 7 days, we reserve the right not to attend to complete the guarantee.

We reserve the right to void any call-backs on the bond clean should anyone other the person/s conducting the final inspection enter the property after our clean is complete. We want your move to be smooth. So should there be any issue with the clean, the real estate (or you) can contact us after the final inspection to have any issue rectified. We will return as soon as possible to ensure your bond is not held up and any other person/s moving in to the property are not held up. We return as fast as we possibly can. This means, you can hand us the keys and relax.So please refrain from entering the property at this time as you may void your call back due to entry of property prior to final exit inspection.

We want your experience to be as easy as possible. If you need us to communicate directly with your real estate, we can do that too.

Carpets, Curtains and Pest Control. Please contact us as all requirements are different.

*In case of non payment or similar, please see below for information on debt collection.

* SPRING CLEANING , also known as INSPECTION CLEANING or SALE CLEANING is a thorough cleaning service It can be a general tidy up - or as thorough as bond cleaning. It is charged per hour. If there any areas you feel are missed or you would like to add, please make contact within three days. While we do not offer a guarantee, if an area is not cleaned to satisfaction and should clearly have reached a certain standard we will do our best to rectify this for you free of charge. If an area is heavily soiled or very stained/built up or scuffed, we may converse this with you and extra time will not be added for free on this area. If you wish for a return on this area extra time will be charged at the quoted hourly rate. We must be made aware of any issues within 3 days. However we reserve the right not to return for free to Spring Cleans as this is charged at a cheaper rate without a guarantee.

*In case of non payment or similar, please see below for information on debt collection.

ABUSE: Terms and Conditions.

We are polite and friendly at all times, your privacy is assured. But if our cleaners are being mistreated at any property for any reason. They have the right to pack up and walk away. You will still be required to make payment for the costs involved with their travel ($15-$80) and any time they were there cleaning, as we designate cleaners each day based on the time they are needed.

If our cleaners receive mistreatment upon return to a bond clean guarantee they have the right to leave and your bond clean guarantee will be forfeited, by you. This is inclusive of all mistreatment and not just by you, but others as well. Our cleaners safety is our highest priority.

We offer this guarantee to give YOU peace of mind. We are all humans and mistakes and human error occur. Sometimes we may even be training new cleaners. Which is why our returns are free. We do not deserve to receive mistreatment of any kind. Not on the phone, at the property or by email or text. Please refrain from doing so. We will always be polite and courteous to you - even if there is a call back. You will never be greeted with an unfriendly or angry cleaner (as you may have experienced elsewhere), so please do not assume the same of us. We are here to help. You will have your guarantee voided should you act in this manner.

*In case of non-payment or similar, please see below for debt collection information.

PAYMENT: Terms and Conditions.

Cooloola Cleaning is ver transparent with their clients, if payment before the day or a deposit is required we will let you know.

The deposits are always deducted from the cost of your clean and is not an additional cost.

Domestic client payments are always due within 3 days of completed job, unless otherwise discussed prior and agreed to by Cooloola Cleaning.

Commercial/Business client payments may have differing terms to do with pay rotations, we will discuss payment due dates and the date will be listed on your invoice.

We accept, cash, debit card, credit card and direct deposit. Debit and Credit card payments are done over the phone with one of our staff. You will be emailed payment confirmation. If you do not recieve this, please contact us so we can chase this up for you and send it through ASAP.

In case of non payment, need for payment arrangement, broken arrangement or any other similar issue, please see below for debt collection information. Please note we do not charge fees for clients who are struggling if they make contact with us PRIOR to the debt going to collection. We will arrange an affordable payment arrangement. AFTER the invoice has been changed and the debt has gone to collection we cannot make changes. These are costs associated with the arrangement of collection and not just 'profit' to us. Please know we would rather you contacted us prior to this time. We are very approachable.

COMPETITION WINNER: Terms and Conditions.

Before entering a competition please be aware of what you are entering to win. If you win a voucher for a specific clean, it can not be transferred into any other service or cash. Good Luck :)



Cooloola Cleaning always tries to work with their clients. We understand that sometimes life gets in the way. We understand that sometimes larger cleans might cost more money then you anticipate and will continue to work with you as best we can. So if you need to make a payment arrangement to pay off your services, let us know and we can help make one. We are also happy to have you pay off your services prior to the service day (like a layby) if this is your preference.

However, should we try to make contact with you about an overdue payment,and get no response, we reserve the right to send your debt for collection. This wont happen without notice and we will contact you the same way in which contact has been made in the past. If you are struggling, do reply and ask for a payment plan, we would much rather help you then send your debt for collection.

If you struggle to make your payment and contact us for a payment plan, our payment plans are free of charge to set up, are interest free and affordable.

We send unpaid debts for collection TWO WEEKS after the due date. We will always attempt to make contact with your prior to this to help you make payment or arrange repayment plan if you are unable to afford up front. But should we not be able to achieve a resolution, we will send unpaid debts for collection TWO WEEKS after due date. (EXAMPLE: If your payment was due Tuesday the 3rd of March and no payment is recorded and no contact or repyament plan begun, the debt will be forwarded to collection Tuesday the 17th of March). Weekends and public holidays are not excluded, it is 14 calendar days. Similarly if you agree to a payment plan and do not make a payment or miss your payment and we can not be satisfied that you will continue to uphold your plan we will begin collection on the 5th day after missed payment. If your payment was due on the 7th of March and by the 11th of March we have not been able to achieve a mutual outcome, the debt will be forwarded on to collection). You will only be charged for the unpaid portion of your invoice, so if you had a $400 service, and paid off $300, and only had $100 left, only the $100 will be sent for collection and only the fee associated with $100 will apply, not the fee for $400.

If the debt needs to go for collection the following fees will apply.

Under $100 - $50 fee*

Under $300 - $100 fee*

Under $600 - $150 fee*

Under $1000 - $200 fee*

Under $2000 - $400 fee*

Under $3000 - $600 fee*

Under $4000 - $800 fee*

Under $5000 - $1000 fee*

*This fee is an estimate, but you will not be charged over this fee. This is the fee imposed and the cost for debt collection. If debt collection costs are less, you will only pay the lessor of the the two (If the fee is $50, but debt collection cost is only $30, you only pay $30. If the fee says $50, but the collection cost is $80, you only pay $50). This table is to give the best estimate we can and we will not be making profit off collection costs.*

These fees do not represent a profit to Cooloola Cleaning, they represent the fees charged to Cooloola Cleaning for retrieval of non payment.

*If you fail to pay after debt collection proceedings begin, and the debt collector is unable to obtain your payment. All fees associated with collection will be added to your invoice. This will not be capped at our 'fair' capping price above, it will be the exact cost imposed to us based on the fees associated with attempting to collect your payment. At this time, we reserve the right to take your payment to court for payment enforcement. On top of the fees for attempted collection you will also need to pay all fees associated with court documents, court lodgings, court fees, serving of document fees and any other cost associated with your case being seen in the court.

This is due to the costs associated with the arrangement of collection. We would much rather not send your debt to collection or further on to court, so please make contact so we can help you avoid these fees. We only do this if no contact is made, no arrangements are requested, or the arrangement created is not followed. If you were unhappy with your clean, contact with us should have been made as outlined above. We will always return, and do so happily or make an alternative arrangement if better suited. We would never leave anyone unhappy, therefore, this is not an excuse for non-payment. As you would be satisfied if the above terms and conditions are followed.

PLEASE NOTE: As soon as debt has gone for collection we are not able to undo it or remove the associated fees, so please ensure you make contact.

What if I am unhappy with my clean so don't want to pay? Hi, I can assure you we will always come to the party and get your issue sorted. We aren't one to leave your negative comment behind and move forward without helping you. You, the client, are valued to us, and we undertsand that we may make mistakes ,we are human. Contact us in the time terms above. 24 hours for standard domestic services, 3 days for inspection/spring/sale cleans and within 7 days for bond cleaning. In the case of commerical or business cleaning, this also differs depending on the service we provide you and the business you undertake. We are very fexible, but please let us know within 24-48 hours so we can fix any issue you may have. BUT PLEASE for bond cleaning, do not attend or arrange anyone else to attend the property prior to the final exit inspection. If the property is inpected by the property manager, and there are issues, we arrange correction ASAP, however if the house is tampered with prior to this time we have the right to VOID our guarantee. Our guarantee to you is, any cleaning we have agreed to do and have done in relation to your bond clean will be guaranteed. So move into your new home and relax, that part of the move is over. You or your agent can make contact if needed after the final inspection is complete and we will fix it all up (if there is anything to fix) without you needing to lift a finger. Please however do ensure to book us close to your inspection time, as we can only return free of charge for 7 days after the bond clean completion. This is plenty of time for an exit inepction to have been done by your property manager. Please speak with them about your time frames when arrangeing to move. Please note also that your payment is still due by the due date, so if payment is not made and no payment arrnagement has been made, we reserve the right to not return to the property. It is always best to keep in contact with us in regards to your payment to ensure this does not happen to you. We would never purposefully ignore you, so definitely call to make an arrangement, we do not want to send any debts for collection. However sometimes it is required.

Please know, that we will always work with our clients where possible. Payment collection is our last point of call.